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Mischa Barton’s Death Watch is Back on of the Day

I used to do this Mischa Barton Death Watch when she was at her absolute worst….but it got boring, everyone forgot who Mischa Barton and we moved onto more interesting damanged pussy….

I don’t know I get bored of the poor little tormented rich girl who became an actress, made a lot of money and quit her show, only to spend that money on Cocaine and pills to supress the inner demons, and come out expecting everyone to have sympathy for your awesome lifestyle and you’re spoiled brat attempt to get on track, only to fall off track again, in an up and down motion, more fluctuating than her weight….that proves no matter what size she is, she’s still fucking sloppy, boring, and irritating….but not quite the same kind of boring as Rachel Bilson, cuz at least Mischa Barton’s got flavor, sure it’s probably unwashed, possible STD infected pussy flavor, while Rachel Bilson’s just vanilla lotion and overbearing husbanded, so here she is living….I guess we’re we’re just not sure for how much longer….and all this doesn’t answer the age old question….why aren’t these pics of her nude…

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  • Billdozer

    She has nice nipples

  • Clueless

    You are fucking boring.

    Not shocking. Not disgusting. Fucking boring.

  • Clueless

    And apparently you censor your comments.

    I’m shocked.

    Boring A-Hole.

  • Clueless

    Censoring the comments?

    Boring A-Hole behavior.