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Kylie Jenner is the 13 Year Old Being Prostituted By the Kardashians of the Day

TheSuperficial posted this ultra perverted Kylie Jenner Pics that I had to post and link to cuz they are disturbing….he did the Catch a Predator graphic…cuz these pics are just that…illegal….

I guess you’re never too young to follow the lead of your mom and half sisters and slut yourself out…I mean with the hormones in the food and starting puberty at 6 and all that, it’s practically like she’s 18 already….however the LAW doesn’t agree…cuz your land of the free is oppressive…thank fucking god…cuz you people and your emails requesting underage girls….scare me….I mean in this case, 18 is only 5 years away and by then the Kardashian revolution will be long over, if anything this is their last hope, that’s why they’re pimping her out to the public, before it’s too late and no one cares….and her slut phase will be over, and she’ll be a great girl to go steady with while writing her letters in her rehab/institution/prison like the creep who targets down on their luck crazy people you are…provided she hasn’t already killed herself by then…cuz she’s far too young to grasp what she’s doing, what her mother whom she trusts has done to her, like some Jonbenet shit, and the hell this shit is going to drag her through….damaged goods in the making….thanks Kardashians…for the desparation and throwin’ in one to the fire pit as a sacrifice to keep the family afloat….freaks…

THis is the kind of shit that gets kids taken away from their parents….used like she was a Culkin…and this is my campaign to get that to happen….

If you’re a pervert and or want to be shocked by her teen bikini top and spandex shorts….
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  • ExpletiveBMP

    Fuck that shit hayzeus, I call dibs. dibs dibs dibs. There I said it. At least the Kardashians are smarter than the rest of us mortals. Or is it Jenners? Whomever, they’re smart enough to know that only fucking idiots stick with victorian bullshit that’s outdated and fucking stupid. Since forever girls her age was out and about fucking whom they wanted and having families, but since the last hundred years, we’ve all become a bunch of fucking idiots. But I’m done with it Hayzeus, I’m done, you here. But by the time I actually have sex, this girl may be legally old enough to fuck a man, so I guess my point is redundant. maybe I should’ve used Tor, then again, i’m too much of an attention whore to hide. Hayzues, i’m becoming a better net fucker, soon, I’ll have nice interesting shit to offer the forums.

  • Saoirse martin

    DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME NO PICTURES. Somebodys idea of a joke. Just some pictures of Kendall Jenner all blocked out. Can’t even see her. Just another way DS looks good on the surface but the guy who runs it is just a scared pussy like all the rest. Afraid to show something that isnt even racy

  • Canada Guy

    Ok, I hate the Kardashians as much as the next guy but these pics are shyte. I see more skin on a noxzema commercial on tv!
    I have no idea why anything was blocked.