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Alicia Keys Not So Erotic Bathing Suit Pics of the Day

I just finished saying that I didn’t care what a bitch looked like, just as long as she was in a bikini…well I want to take that statement back…cuz I know that what happened was I was so excited by all the ridiculously hot pussy…that when the ugly bitches walked by I didn’t even notice them..and if I did….I was so excited by the hot pussy that I was pretty willing to finger their assholes with my tongue…

Cuz when ugly pussy is alone, in a “Me against the pool” party….it’s hardly something you want to mount like an animal in the fucking jungle….but instead…it is something you’d rather want to erase from your memory…espeically when it is in picture…something hardly jerk off-able…but the good news is that this in the fucking internet and you’ve got yourself some google to take care of your pervert needs…pervert.

To See her In a Bikini Top – God Knows Why You’d Want To –

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