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Victoria’s Silvstedt Short Short Wearing Escort of the Day

Here are some riduclous implants on some Paris Hilton at 45 looking woman, all fit and tight bodied, despite her age thanks to good Swedish genes, that are luckily being used for sex work…even if that sex work is masked as a relationship with a married guy…cuz that married guy happens to be a midget..but more importantly…..dude’s a fucking billionaire…and as much as I hate her for trying to sue me…I’d love to watch that circus perfoming sex tape that is her sex life….and here she is pretending she’s in her 20s….in her dress and the fact that her life is that of a 25 year old trust fund kid….always chillin’ by a fucking pool in a tropical place…

Who cares. Here she is showing off her useless do nothing talents…but not quite as well as I’d liker her to be….

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