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Geri Halliwell is Elegant and Classy of the Day

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Geri Halliwell or as some like to call her Ginger Spice or at least what is going on with her face in these pictures…but I do know that she looks all haggard and useless and emaciated like an ex stripper on dexatrim…oh right because she is an ex stripper….who may or may not be on dexatrim….because there was a time she was fat and now she’s not….not that it matters…..these pics suck…I prefer her when she’s flashing tit….

But here are her pics anyway, you know since I’m the president of her unofficial fan club that I just started cuz I got nothing else going on…

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  • tim

    Whaaaat? You’re nuts-she’s gorgeous!!!!!