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Kelly Rowland Bottom Feeding of the Day

I am not posting these pics – I am posting them because I like watching bitches bottom feed…You see Kelly Rowland was a star once…one of the three girls of Destiny’s Child, selling albums, living the life…and then one day….the lead Beyonce said “fuck this shit, and these latch on bitches, I’m gonna go blossom on my own cuz I’m a goddess”….thanks to too much positive affirmation and an ego….doing everything in her power to overshadow the other girls..leading to Kelly Rowland buying fake tits and now buying a clay hand mold at Planet Fucking Hollywood…I’m talking PLANET HOLLYWOOD to immortalize and eternalize her fucking life in music while promoting her next solo album no one will buy….fuckign amazing….on so many levels….

But in her defense, at least she gets the risiduals from her previous career cuz this new one’s going no where….

Now maybe she should show us her vagina…cuz that wet fleshy hole…no matter what it looks like….or how meaty it is…keeps every single girl alive at least semi relevant…True story…

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