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Katie Holmes Hot Photo shoot of the Day

I don’t know what Katie Holmes is shooting for but I assume it is American Apparel…you know the creepy pics the owner shoots of his staff after making them dildo fuck themselves to orgasm in exchange for a campaign starring them…every girl’s dream…

I am a fan of the tube top bikini top you see the hipster bitches in sheer tank tops rocking under their tank tops to prevent the world from seeing their hipster nipples at least when they aren’t real hipsters, cuz real hipsters just don’t give a fuck, it’s part of the hipster way, and nipple is just high fashion and next level, or some other weird artist shit I don’t mind, cuz it leads to me being flashed when I leave the fucking house thanks to this American Apparel generation…..the gap gone 70s porn…good market it to be in…I’m just blown away everytime I see mothers and daughters shop there together….

Either way, Katie Holmes is a brainwashed bitch and that in and of itself, is pornographic, with or without tube tops.

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