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Selena Gomez Sex Offender Bikini of the Day

I hope you like my sex offender art…even though I had to take Carlos GOmez, a 280 pound man’s sex offender card to make it happen…cuz I don’t have the rights to post the pics of her tight body in a bikini in florida….so I made due..

All that to say….I don’t know about you…but I kinda find it hot that this Selena Gomez bitch, who is just 18, is already technically a sex offender, if someone was willing to press charges on her…and if bieber and her were actually having sex…because I think it is just a publicity stunt…even though I’d totally be trying to slam her at 14 too….cuz her body almost makes me feel like a criminal looking at her…only she’s 18….

TO See The Bikini Pics – Cuz I Don’t Have the Right to Post Them

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  • me

    your an ass shes 19

  • vitobonespur

    Whether she’s 18 or 19, saying you don’t want to look at her because she’s ONLY 18 is like saying, “I don’t want to eat this peach because it’s ONLY ripe.”