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Victoria Silvstedt’s Whore Legs of the Day

Here’s some Swedish whore legs on a bitch who isn’t actually a whore…but might as well can be called one…cuz by definition a whore is someone who exchanges sex for personal gain…and whether it’s marketed on the street corner, or in the back of a local newspaper, or on Craigslist, or is in the form of being the mistress to some billionaire midget….but then again all girls date guys they can get some personal gain from…whether it is their money, or the security they offer….while all dudes date girls for sex and don’t mind paying for shit as long as they get sex…meaning the entire world is filled with whores and johns, from your mom, to your neighbor…and that shouldn’t make Victoria Silvstedt come across as a better human cuz we can all relate…she’s still living the good life thanks to her fake tits, a stint in Playboy and a hot fucking body…that got her the role as a side line pussy to a billionaire….and the only good thing about this is that she’s getting old and it will all end for her…and I look forward to that…

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