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Blake Lively Hard Face Showing Off Leg On Set of the DAy

Here are some boring pictures of Blake Lively’s legs on set. I just spent the last 10 minutes zooming in and out of the shit and there’s no sign of dicaprio semen dripping down her thigh…making me wonder why I’m bothering posting these…since there’s nothing but hard face, hairy neck and some long legs….when all I really want to see is a sign, any sign, of her being a little fucking slut.

Here she is in a robe so you can fantasize that you kicked her to the curb after fucking her with nothing but your robe on her back cuz she didn’t suck your dick to completition…at least that’s how I’m playing these outdoor robe pics out in my head…

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  • Jay

    Pretty girl but JEEZ — those are one of the ugliest sets of shoes I ever seen. The producer and wardrobe people on that set should be shot !