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Lindsay Lohan’s Diversion of the DAy

Lohan was caught buying Quartz and Meteor dust the other day, you know cuz she’s a rock collector and because her PR people needed a lie big enough no one would further investigate….coupled with some see through/no bra pics yesterday and now these Tyler Shield’s impromtu last minute shoot cuz Tyler Shield’s has the best photographer scam going in Hollywood, these bitches think if he shoots them, people will pay attention, talk about them, write about them, like he’s some actual talent, the new Andy Warhol or some fucking shit when really he’s just down with celebs and gets them half naked and we pay attention to that….cuz we’re perverts….who like this really low level concept of blood and underwear/knives and guns/ straight out of a high school art class controversial….and it makes us forget bitch was in a drug buying scandal….her PR team really get how it works…don’t they…real fucking genius.

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  • Unruly

    Gross. I feel like I need a mega-dose of antibiotics and vitamins just looking at that shit.

  • Pablov

    I like the way you write these what really needs to be said. Good Job