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Reese Witherspoon’s Naughty Uterus Tattoo of the Day

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about Reese Witherspoon getting married a second time like a good little Christian who goes to church and has sex out of wedlock cuz she’s actually bullshit as all actors are.. enough to get knocked up, leaving her no choice but to get married to make the whole thing as authentic as her slutty uterus tattoo all lesbian dolphin hugging….

So it’s only natural that I’ve been craving to see pics of her in a bikini to really embrace her sloppy body and take it all in in one massive question mark when compared to how many pics I’ve posted of her compulsively jogging for the press so that we don’t call her out for being a chubby piggy girl…

So my dreams have been answered, cuz middle aged moms who may be pregnant in bikinis are my dream….but I’ve never been one for having big dreams…if anything my dreams have been pretty low level bottom feeder….so it all makes sense…

To See The Rest of the Reese Witherspoon Bikini Pics

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  • cowbulls

    I wouldn’t put her on any top list of sex women but she is still better than all those anorexic teenage boys that pass as models.