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Tara Reid’s Wedding Picture of the Day

So you may or may not know that Tara Reid got engaged and married yesterday while in Greece to a guy name Zack Keyahov….She’s already sold the pics to Life & Style in a pretty easy cash grab….

Now I’m not sure if he knew Tara Reid before yesterday, but if I was in his position I would have done the exact same thing….why the fuck not…some damaged ex celeb pussy is better than undamaged no name pussy…I mean except maybe in Tara Reid’s case because I’m convinced her twat looks like a ball-less scrotum….making this Zack Keyahov a likely homo sexual addicted to the attention he’s bound to be getting….and sex with her is a small price to pay for all the glory….especially since she lets him stick it up her ass cuz she understands his situation and prefers it to vaginal sex cuz it’s the only way she feels it…it is a small tradeoff to have people talking about her again…

Either way, married or not…attention whore in a perpetual party or not….I still think she’s luxurious and hot….and here is her lovely wedding pic I always thought I’d be in with her cuz I’m into drunk party sluts from the movies…

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Are you fucking kidding me? This dude’s eyes are off pointing in different directions, all wonky-eyed. Did he get his vision surgically altered so that when he looks at her grossly lopsided tits, they look somewhat normal? I can’t wait for the photos of her drunk and crying in public when their “marriage” fails in 6 months ha ha. Losers, both of ’em.

  • Bob Smith

    If you added these two people’s IQ together, they wouldn’t break 100.

  • Lol Cramps

    I wish I could find love

  • cowbulls

    Two dumb asses find each other. Let’s all hope that they don’t breed.

  • Joe

    She married a Bukharian Jew (Russian goat fucker) she must have been drugged.
    I give it untill he trys to make her a slave or kills her in the process.
    Her family must be real proud of her