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Heidi Klum Melting Mom Body in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t see why everyone is hating on Heidi Klum, I mean she did marry a black dude and it is kinda black dude hustle to like their women to be sloppy and out of shape…I mean 90 percent of single fat white chicks I know go to resorts in the Caribbean to get fucked twice a year…cuz those dudes will do anything for money…and sex….with a white girl….I mean I couldn’t count how many morbidly obese white chicks I’ve seen in my neighborhood with an athletic looking black dude by her site, smiling like he won the lottery…..

But she’s still Heidi Klum and as much as her hot model body is melting into some sloppy battered mom of 4 mess…she’s still Heidi Klum….and some may be happy she’s not as Topless as She Was Yesterday ….I’ll always prefer a bitch showing nipple…ex model….mom…old and slopppy or not…

On a sidenote….Looks like Seal likes being in her pussy so much that he’s wearing her bikini bottoms….

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  • enough already

    dude, enough with this old bitch already. She’s not in her prime, and you’ve been posting about her for about 47 days in a row. Give it up already…..

  • Carlos Spicy


  • cowbulls

    No one wants to see this insecure dumbass. She became worthless the day she gave up all self respect and let Seal get into her pants.
    Surely Cindy Crawford is running around somewhere topless.
    How about Jessica Biel, Stacy Kiebler, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Denise Richards?