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Whitney Port Picking Out Her Frontal Wedgie

As irrelevant as Whitney Port is…it’s nice to see her keeping busy by pulling her short shorts out of her snatch…it’s an interesting hobby, a little less interesting than the girl who was pretty much fingering herself at the bar for all to smell, but interesting enough for me to pay attention….cuz despite being grossed out by the frontal wedgie back in high school, when the mom of 6 lunch monitor wore pants 4 sizes too tight, in what was a vile situation, a vile situation I’ve developed a love for over the decades, and even reference that lunch lady sometimes when I jerk off, if only I knew what I know now when I was younger, right Rod Stewart, I coulda been lunching on her lady….in all it’s huge pant eating glory…but I was too young and my stomach too under developed to not vomit at the thought…but now…all I want to see is pussy definition…and girls everywhere…like Whitney Porn are bringing it…and it’s nice…even if she isn’t….

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I love when girls wear those tight shorts or anything tight because thats all they do the whole time they wearing them, pulling and snugging on them. Of course when I roll up to them and ask if they need help pulling them down I always get the stink eye from them.