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Jennifer Lopez Flashing Spanks of the Day

These pictures are the highlight of the day…because of the whole Jennifer Lopez being listed as the most beautiful person by People magazine 10 or more years too late, because Jennifer Lopez has this thing called a lot of money that can buy herself titles on magazines that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things…and that are not journalistically accurate proven by the fact that they chose Jennifer Lopez as the most beautiful person…and they don’t have to be cuz they cater to white trash who don’t really know how to read…..because everyone knows the actual most beautiful woman in the world doesn’t need Spanx….cuz she’s not trying to contour or control her fat, sloppy, middle aged ass….into looking youthful and fun….

Point being, J.Lo’s a scam, not look at her old lady trying to be sexy tools that will make a man pretty bummed when he finally gets her home thinking “I’m about to fuck the recently single most beautiful woman in the world according to People Magazine who was a star in the 90s, I just need to get these pants off….what’s she wearing a fucking harness…omg…what the fuck is the sloppy thing…is it going to eat me…how about we put these back on and just talk over coffee”….if you know what I mean.

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  • cowbulls

    It’s a shame she didn’t get naked and/or make a sex tape back when she was in her prime. She had a very bangable ass in her day.

  • Adam

    Ach! She’s hardly ‘fat,’ or ‘sloppy.’ J-Lo is still a pretty gal, and not too many women a decade her junior have asses as nice as hers. And you can find pictures of a host of very young–and attractive–celebrities sporting those Spanx undies, uncluding the willowy Selena Gomez.