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Katherine Heigl is a Cunt of the Day

Here are some pics of Katherine Heigl looking like shit, which isn’t news because she’s a dumpy cunt who always looks like shit, but for some reson thinks she’s hot, because I guess she works in movies and people buy into marketing and things they say on TV, when anyone with a fucking penis and a brain knows, that this is the kind of girl you fuck cuz it is around and not something you masturbate to….ever.

I am posting these pics cuz my good friend Speedmonkey saw her on the street yesterday, in this same outfit, and asked her for a pic, and she was a rude cunt to him, she either ignored him, or walked by him, or told him to fuck off….all things that deserve to be cunt punched out of her, cuz bitches like this aren’t supposed to have egos, they’re supposed to suck your dick cuz no one else is perverted or desperate enough to give them dick…

Ya heard?

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  • cowbulls

    This bitch makes my top 5 most despised women of all time list. I wish she would go to Aruba and get shanghaied to a brothel in the Middle East somewhere. Those sand jockeys and this obnoxious cunt deserve each other.