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Dancing With the Stars Bikini Party for Publicity of the Day

Here are the Dancing with the Stars bitches who should have been strippers, but failed and instead made it on a Hollywood TV show, even though everyone knows people who study dance, never end up making money at dancing unless its stripping, meaning these bitches are fucking up the circle of life…unless they are motivating girls to take up professional dance, only to find out there’s no work in it, forcing them to strip to pay off their student loans, meaning they’re actually fueling the stripper industry….

Either way…Their names are Melissa Rycroft, Anna Trebunskaya and Lacey Schwimmer and they are doing easy publicity…in bikinis and no matter how obvious and bottom feeding for attention it is, it works for me, cuz I love bikinis on anything…..

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  • Who the fuck are these broads and why are they considered stars with no name recognition what so ever?

  • Reality Check

    @Frothy Afterbirth They are the dancers that dance with the stars.What a retard