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Dancing With the Stars Bikini Party for Publicity of the Day

Here are the Dancing with the Stars bitches who should have been strippers, but failed and instead made it on a Hollywood TV show, even though everyone knows people who study dance, never end up making money at dancing unless its stripping, meaning these bitches are fucking up the circle of life…unless they are motivating girls to take up professional dance, only to find out there’s no work in it, forcing them to strip to pay off their student loans, meaning they’re actually fueling the stripper industry….

Either way…Their names are Melissa Rycroft, Anna Trebunskaya and Lacey Schwimmer and they are doing easy publicity…in bikinis and no matter how obvious and bottom feeding for attention it is, it works for me, cuz I love bikinis on anything…..

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Dancing With The Stars New Contestants of the Day

Dancing with the Stars – the place people who were people who were once on TV go to die…The last hurrah before imprending career suicide….who think that maybe this will put them into the spotlight and reinvent their careers – despite the fact that it hasn’t dont that for any contestant in the last decade – but instead is just popular cuz it’s where the general public go to point and laugh cuz we like seeing celebs at their worse….It makes us feel better about our shitty selves…

Here are some of the contestents they announced….

Tsunami Survivor and Boyfriend Killer Petra Nemcova….

Kirstie Alley to See If Her Heart Explodes into a fiery mess of butter, chocolate, pastries and fried food as she starts to break a sweat….clearly hoping for Kelly Osbourne effect, probably gonna end up with the Bernie Mac…..

Wendy Williams to keep shit loud and annoying….filled with forced tears and contrived drama…hoping it will increase ratings…

Kendra brings the needed trash….you know cuz the sex tape wasn’t bottom feeding enough for her….

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Some Dancing With the Stars Nobody Shows Off Her Cowboy Legs of the Day

Here’s my prediction. Jewel’s husband Ty, the Rodeo champion is totally fucking this Chelsie Hightower bitch. She’s his dance partner, and based on my experience in clubs, if you dance a little too long or intensely with someone, it usually results in her bouncing on your dick, I mean if the roofies kick in properly and she’s fat.

So I assume that’s what’s going on here, otherwise she wouldn’t be playin’ it up like a little homewreckin’ slut in one of his fucking cowboy shirts she turned into a dress…. to let Jewel know where motherfucker spent the night last night.

Not that anyone cares about any of these people, I’m just trying to distract myself from the hell that I am living and the asshole kids outside my aparment who keep screaming “420” because they think smokin’ weed today warrants a fucking Broadway performance that annoys me.

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