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Katherine Heigl Panty Flash of the Day

I fucking hate Katherine Heigl because she looks like a serious cunt. She just has that kind of face you’d want to knock the fuck out if you could get passed her security….

You know one of those fat chicks who thinks she is better than she actually is all because some asshole decided to give her work, make her millions, leading to this diva shit that looks like it was supposed to be sitting behind a desk, working menial job cuz she has no personality, eating snack food all day in anticipation for her night of cuddling with her cat watching reruns of friends….all lonely and depressing….at least that’s what her body looks like…but instead is walkign the streets acting like spoiled brat…and in these pictures flashing panties that no one should see because she’s disgusting…but instead that people are masturbating to cuz it’s all marketing…I mean shit…some poor fucker knocked this bitch up and married her….that shoulda never happened….all marketing..

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