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Labor Day Birthing Videos to Celebrate Labor Day of the Day

It is a long standing tradition here at drunkenstepfather.com – that we celebrate labor day with the first 5 birthing videos we find – because lets face it – vagina being shredded apart with baby close up videos are the best way to celebrate the long weekend…I mean other than getting drunk and fucking college co-eds who are new to your city and in need of a tour….of your dick….but don’t get too close…cuz some girls lie about being into abortions and you may end up being the asshole cloth holder in one of these videos…trapped for life….

So here’s to new life to celebrate the end of summer and not being alloed to wear white…

Bi-Racial Home Birth….

A Painful Birth

A Purple Faced Baby with Lots of Fluid

Doggy Style Birth

The Close Up…

Vagina Never Looked so Scary….

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  • sandie

    To avoid being traumatized for life I didn’t dare to watch any of these videos. Ignorance is bliss!

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I’m flagging all of these videos for being porn. How can this crap be on youtube but naked women or porn cant.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    Cunny saunce and a baby. Moar hayzeus, Moar!

  • Cunty Cuntall

    This makes me soooo hornie, I wanna go and make love to my Mom.