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Elisha Cuthbert Not Dead of the Day

Woah…Elsha Cuthbert pics are making the internet rounds…and I forgot this bitch exists…mainly cuz I don’t watch TV…or keep track of cunts like Elisha Cuthbet…I mean I’ve only done a handful of posts on her 3 years ago….cuz she was in a bikini with hard nipples and a bikini showing some ass back in 2008….and hiding behind a camera in a bikini with sheer pants on back in 2007…..

I know people who know Elisha Cuthbert because she is from Montreal…which happens to be where I live and there are only a dozen english people so everyone knows everyone….Apparently, she always had an ego, always thought she was important, because at a young age she was cast on some shitty TV show and the second you put a bitch on TV it’s all fucking over, their egos inflate, they move to LA and get cast in movies…only to come back with their hockey boyfriends and happen to be in the same bar as me one night…unwilling to respond to my requests to grab her breast….That’s why I tried to organize a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house, cuz her sister was living here, but no one was into my genius concept…instead they all wanted to jerk off to her cuz she was on 24 or Girl Next Door or some shit….

Either way, I hear she’s back on TV, and here are her tits in some photoshopped photoshoot that erased all her hard living and the fact that she’s pretty much 30 and boring….but she’s got tits…and I guess that counts for something…and that something doesn’t matter…this bitch needs to get substantially more naked, more scandalous, cuz that’s what I think her career and your masturbation habits really need…not that I like giving you my advice on your masturbation…it’s kinda gay…but I do prefer when the pics I post aren’t this well dressed and put together and more raw and gaping…Goodtimes…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    A short thin girl with big tits will always get attention.

  • da

    That’s because short thin girls with big jugs are gods gift to men.

  • vitobonespur

    Why would anyone want to look at her? She’s only a fucking doll!

  • Drew

    Elisha Cuthbert is from Calgary, dipshit.

  • Drew’s Daddy

    Drew, shut the fuck up asshole !!! No body wants your stupid opinion here. Get lost kid !!!

  • Drew’s Daddy’s Daddy

    Drew’s Daddy, go fuck yourself.