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Fergie May Be Pregnant or Fat of the Day

There’s rumors that everybody’s favorite meth addict Fergie, is pregnant, which could be true provided she has a uterus….but her gender is one of pop culture’s great mysteries…that I’d probably hit regardless and I normally hate trannys or post-op vagina…but when you bring such contributions to the world like “Let’s Get Retarded” it’s hard for me to resist that sexual allure….not to mention she’s got tits and looks girl enough to make it not gay, even if her clit is nine inches and has balls….

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  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD

    Now this is a bitch who needs to immediately stop eating/start puking and begin working out without pause. She’s right on the edge maybe between passable and fat, but you know she’s stuffing her fat face with food and jism. Get on the treadmill, sweetie.

  • KS

    You’re actually saying she should start making herself vomit because you have a problem with her weight? How sad. Almost as sad as you using “Dr. and PhD” in your name. No doctor in his/her right mind would recommend someone to purge to lose weight. Pathetic.

  • Bdub

    Fergie might not have the most atractive face, but she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. She also has a lot of sex Appel, andfrom these pictures it looks like she could be a month pregnent which explains why her tits r even more rock’in.