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Scarlett Johansson “alleged” Leaked Nude Cellphone Pics of the Day

Girls with cellphones are such sluts….they all do this nude picture thing…and it is amazing…

Here are the rumored Scarlett Johansson cellphone pics that were stolen a few months ago. I am not going to say they are of her because that will make me liable and she can sue me, but I will say this girl has a serious, uncanny resemblence to Scarlett Johansson….

I’m a firm Scarlett Johansson hater, partially cuz I think her raspy voice and acting is depressing and partially because I find her overrated….When I look at her I don’t see the hotness everyone else does, I see sloppy and big nose….but maybe that’s just by Hollywood standards…cuz these pics are hot enough for me….I guess cuz now I see her in a new light…or maybe it’s just cuz they aren’t of Scarlett Johansson at all… You be the judge judy…

It is 7 am….I am drunk and this isn’t what I want to be doing…You’re welcome. I am going to pass out and possibly choke on my vomit now….It’s been nice working for you…

Sidenote, between you and me, I’m happy to get some celeb nudity sent it, this is the shit the site was built on and the shit I wait for while posting shitty paparazzi stuff, so Scarlett Johansson or not, this gives me hope of a better fucking tomorrow…one sloppy tit and great ass at a time…

Sure these pics are hardly pornographic, gaping, spread eagled perverted, shocking or humiliating….They are all erotic, softcore nudes, all girls have taken of themselves, but that’s better than nothing….and more importantly better than her SHITTY SINGING ….here are the pics.

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  • big al

    I really wonder about these pics of women that are “stolen” “leaked” or otherwise sent to the net “without their consent”. If they truly are not meant to be here how come we don’t read about the impending lawsuits against the evil perpetrators who “stole” them.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    She really isn’t all that. I mean I would break my cock off in her ass, but I have paid $100.00 for better.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    All I can see is Sean Penn old grandpa dick on her face, way too go a scarjo and a year too late for “leaked” pics.

  • PakitoTheSnitch

    Don’t they know smartphones not so smart? Nevertheless, don’t know what she has to be ashamed about she looks fine. Other than needing a slight tan but that’s no big deal. At least she’s all natural and nothing plastic or injected.

  • What the hell is up with that retarded expression on her face?

  • matt

    I´m still not over Hayley Williams accidently uploaded topless pic and now this! Damn, I love the internet!

  • Ass Rocket

    Scar-Jo Can you accidentally release some from a better quality camera and lens??

  • Me

    Never found her that hot to begin with.

  • Ass Rocket

    Scar-Jo – You need to accidentally release some higher quality photos with a better lens!

  • beavis

    This is like a gift from the gods, neither asked for or expected.

  • anon

    These pictures are so old I saw these like a year ago

  • Joe

    I think the Chinese making all these Iphone’s (and others) put a back door hole in the OS software or firmware so they can spy.
    There already is software out there that can also turn phone and laptop on without the user knowing it.
    ..Its offered with all most the new MAC products as a “securiety” anti-theft feature

  • dace

    strange these have come out when her “giveafuckometer” has been nudging zero for a year or so

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto

    Damn gurl i would love to stick my asian cock in your ass.

  • Nickel Khrome

    Scarlett.. what can I say? I used to be blind, I swear I couldn’t see how much of a seductress she is. Soft lips, fair skin, luscious hair.. and those butt cheeks.
    A gift from the gods.

  • Joemama

    Um… You guys are to busy looking at boobs to notice that the tatoos are on different arms? FAKE!!!

  • expletivebmp

    SCarlett Johnson showed us her right boob, and her pale ass from a ways away. Fuck me I’m underwhelmed. What the fuck, how am I supposed to get off on that? It is nice to see a celebrity show ass and tits, but for odd reasons I gives a fuck about Scarlett Johansonn. Don’t get me wrong, she’s fucking attractive, but do i get a stiffy thinking about her milky bottom going up and down on my spongy fiver? Okay, who am I kidding, I’d suck her cunny for days and fucking days, regardless of it’s level of frowziness. And I hate the fact that my cock is only 6″ and that I’m poor, and that I’m a fat fuck, and that I’m fucking ugly, and also, I hate the fact that I’m black and not some pale faced white chap who looks good, so that I’d get to fuck Scarlett Jonsonhan.

  • Roscoe

    @Joemama Um… Do they have mirrors where you come from? NOT FAKE!!!

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto2

    Scarlette Johansson finally leaked!

  • Venom


    First, she confirmed they are real.
    Second, there are photos of her home for sale online and the wallpaper matches.
    Third, you need to learn about mirrors.

  • mummychunka

    You weren’t the 1st – the Watercooler was!

  • niggggaaazzz

    Timothy, thx for postin vid on this bro

  • laura

    loll looook at timothy’s comment!! haha HIII TIM!!!

  • Nat

    Hahaha thanks Timothy for the link. Bless you Timmy and your family.

  • BananaBee

    I thought she said she liked to be private… All I see is privates

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    She is a good candidate for tit-fucking.

  • i see ya

    her WHITE ass looks good. she doesnt need any fake orange tan or none of that. she has nice white milky skin. very pretty.

  • I am right


  • Jardar

    It’s her ways of giving back to her fans. Wish she had leaked that in the days of “the horse whisperer”, that would be something. Those titties are like Alyssa’s. You’ve seen em once, you’ve seen em all.

  • anonomoyus

    I dono why evryones makin a big deal outa this, like yall aint never seen a naked girl before. grow up. When she sent me those, they were for my eyes only. Some creep had to grab my fone and send them to his and then blew this shit up cuz shes a movie star. . Shit the paparazzi takes over and then blows up even more. Shes a normal human being, and theres thousands of other girls out there who have done the same thing and no one makes a huge deal out of it. Shes an amayzing person. Stop with the rediculous posts makin this poor girl feel like shit. Shes got enough pressure on her as it is. Im sure shed appreciate verry much, she loves her fans, and is having a rough time with evrything in the paparazzi. Try to be a good person and cut her some slack. thanx

  • TimmothyDeLaGhetto

    I love to suck your white bleached asshole dry.

  • STIG

    I think that English is a second or even third language for the writer and all of the posters here. It’s amazing how much dinner these posts are with the spelling errors and horrible grammar. Go back to pleasing yourselves and leave the spelling to the big boys that paid attention in school.

  • God she is a babe:)

  • Jardar

    oh my goddess

  • damngurl

  • hahaha

    i honestly expected more, i really thought shed be curvier than this, but its nothin more than meh pics, cant even get a semi from these
    although cant tell if its beause the pics are really sucky quality

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto

    Me and my little asian penis is jumping for joy!!!!

  • Hondroid

    Lol @Joemama, stop, breathe, and read your post BEFORE hitting the submit button next time you fucking retard. To this anonomous idiot, do you really think she goes on the internet and reads forums like these and even if she did , do you think she sits at home crying about what some fat loser types from his mom’s house basement? sure buddy sure. Just in case though, Hi Scarlett, loved you in Ironman 2!

  • Damn, my tiny asian penis is jumpin for joy. I would love to butter yo buns girl!

  • TimothyDelaGhetto

    I would LOVE TO FUCK YOU

  • NotTimothyDelaGhetto

    me and my giant penis is hopping with joy

  • Raike

    C’mon I’ve seen better lookin bodies on the STREET. but I can say they’re okay~ :l

  • BLACK GUY >=]


  • kynes

    Love you drunkenstepfather.com.

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto

    I got a small asian cock (but it’s pretty)

  • LilBBasedgod

    Damn tht bitch gt a nice booty!

  • zohebk

    looool tim u joker btw i love ur videos bro keep up da good work 🙂

  • NightmareRh

    Hooba Hooba time to get giggity!

  • Fake and Gay

  • theTimothyDeLaGhetto

    she looks disgusting ewwww!…Id love to see John Stamos naked oh hell yeah!

  • cock


  • FilmFan

    I’d give $1000.00 to smell her fingers while this was going on. What a beautiful woman and her ass is one of the ALL time greatest Hollywood Booties. You just know she is a Natural Born Cocksucker and would pull a three way with her BFF of the month in a heart beat. Damn, she’s fine.

  • TimothyDeLaGhetto

    Oh my eyes!!!!!!!! Why God just why? Kill me now.

  • Geoff

    On Sept. 16 Anonymous said: When she sent me those, they were for my eyes only. Some creep had to grab my fone and send them to his and then blew this shit up cuz shes a movie star…

    Who are you fooling? You’re Ryan Reynolds? Yeah, right. I highly doubt Mr. Reynolds would construct such a poorly written paragraph with horrendous spelling, grammar and punctuation such as that. He may not be a road scholar, but actors require many qualities in order to be successful. One of these qualities is intelligence. I would say anonymous is probably twelve, judging by his writing…

  • ibeatit

    I’d give her a pearl necklace, no doubt. The pics suck though. Hopefully she buys a phone with at least 8 mp for her next, accidentally, released nude photos

  • blowbadoughboy

    @ibeat So, I guess someone should create a coalition of the interested to send all young beautiful celebrities and actresses a free phone that happens to have the best possible camera. You know, just in case. I’m sure it will pay off eventually. lol

  • Bobertbobert

    I appreciate Scarjo however revealed, whether in a plastic Bustier/barebreasted or fully clothed.

  • Robert

    I would love to go balls deep up that ass. She really (face) isn’t a ten, but she is an eight. Nice nice body. A good package, but not world class. I’m
    thinking of that piece of crap Sean Penn climbing on board and all of a
    sudden she goes down to a six or seven. I she contacts this site please
    forward my email to her. Thanks you.

  • Anonymous

    When you are trying to point out someone’s bad grammar, you should not use bad grammar yourself.  First of all, it is Rhodes scholar.  Second, you are missing a comma between Grammar and the word and.  Third, you have a poorly constructed sentence with an extraneous comma after the word twelve.  Please report to the English teacher as you need more lessons in how to write.  Finally you would not end a paragraph or a sentence with three periods as if you were going to lead into another statement if you actually knew what proper grammar was.

  • Lu3huel

    You need a comma after finally. 

  • chris

    The only thing i have to say to that guy pretending to be Ryan Reynolds is that your a moron. The pictures were hacked, no one stole a phone. So next time plz don’t waste time by pretending and who0 cares how things are phrased on the INTERNET. I bet you thing Wikipedia is absolutely accurate also.  

  • Spidersports

    That would be Rhodes scholar

  • English professor

    Sorry, but you are wrong about both commas. One after grammar is not necessary (new orthology) and the one after twelve is necessary because it separates two unrelated thoughts.
    English professor

  • Snap117

    SShe only took two…….:(

  • Jethro Lol 4

    Ya fuck actors being intelligent some are total dipshits and cannot be complimented on their intelligence you my friend just made a huge assumption

  • Falkow

    i like your videos on you tube *_____*

  • Leon Alex71

    in your vid u said u liked it

  • Fds

    Look at DAT ASS!!! I’d BANG her all day long!!! 😀

  • Callie

    Im 15 and my ass is better than that of not better it looks like that. I hate her my boyfriend checked her out in avengers in the first scene . It’s a fucking movie it’s all edited :'( yes I’m butt hurt . I look pretty without makeup . Never had bad acne . I have curves too just not as much in the booby area but I’m still young :’/

  • Jon dabatist

    My God is she sexy… haterssss everywhere!

  • HP

    She is the sexiest woman alive to me. I face fucked her cardboard cutout at the Avengers. That is also what I’m going to name my daughter that (if that is the case)

    Love You Scarlett!

  • jn

    OMG! He’s going to name his daughter face fuck!?!

  • Martina

    She is gorgeous, and she would never look at any of you, so I am not sure why you are dissing her. YOU chose to come here and look. She probably would rather you didn’t.
    To the guy pretending to be Ryan; Thats totally funny. To the guys yelling at him; You are morons. To the chick that thinks she is prettier; I doubt it. THATS ALL FOLKS.

  • Gaggingmaster

    She has such a damn sexy butt!
    I swear, I want to fuck her ass really hard.
    She’s only a dirty little slut which wants to be fucked anal…

  • Dr. Barry McKockener

    Proper grammar is of the utmost importance when posting on such esteemed sites as this.

    Furthermore, it would seem a tad tacky to berate a woman’s naked body ( Hollywood siren or not) when we all know that most of you haven’t seen a vagina since you came out of that gnarly one at the county hospital.

    Oh wait, you also see one everytime you look in the mirror, but that one doesn’t look so nice either!

    It is probably safe to say that you are not qualified to judge Women in general. They can certainly bite back when you back them in a corner, but once you get to know a couple of them, you may find that putting up with all of their shit has its benefits.

    Or just carry on with your sophomoric banter, and continue jacking off by yourselves.

  • Jack Mydong

    SJ has the best lips I’ve ever cum across.
    Next time you see her, tell her I jacked it to her nudes.

    If SP was tapping that at age 73. I have a shot too.

    Just goes to show that a hot body trumps an average face every time.

    One last word: remember fellas. Mo matter how hot or not a woman is, they all got some crazy in them. So try and bang the hot ones for bragging rights.

  • Robert

    She really doesn’t do a thing for me …

    (not that I haven’t asked … sigh).

  • RandyZ

    Damn she is soooooooo hot… her ass is so great i could jack to her with her clothes on! Assuming of course they are like her ultra tight black widow costume.

  • marquito

    i cant control myself

  • Wth

    This ain’t worth what the doosh who hacked her computer got. She looks like every other woman… Average bod and evidently a temper to match.

  • Paul

    I say she is amazingly beautiful, a masterpiece of feminine beauty. She’s a great actress, too. I wish I were her friend.

  • Tommy Sosco

    WOW, Look at that… She has 2 boobs and an butt. How unique!!!

  • CJ


  • RaverBrutality

    sigh all you kids going on about how she is so good looking and everything and how you go and jerk off to her pics how about you get off the internet and go get laid for real? thats much more to brag about. i mean seriously what would you rather be able to tell people
    i just had sex.
    oh i was jerking it to some chick online
    yeah id rather go with the first one and for anyone and everyone who decides to tell me my grammar is wrong THIS ISNT ENGLISH CLASS so i dont care anyways i said what i had to say she has a :Vagina, 2 Boobs, and a Ass, that makes her unique >_> and special no anyways im going to bed its 6:12am and ive been drinking for 8 and a half hours >_> g’night peoples

  • Egemen

    Without makeup, she seems like an average beauty (facial) but who cares? She has an amazing body, which reeks off sexuality. That lips! Simple perfection. And that ass! Wow! I am a gentleman in general, but if I had a chance, I would pound that ass brutally!

  • k

  • this reveals that scar is no more beautiful than my wife or for that matter your wife, she is hot but i have her on my list with my wife, and these photos reveal that my wife i don’t appreciate her beauty. she is a teacher and every kids have crushes on her, and they look at me when i come by rarely, but for lunch and they see me and probably what is this ugly fuck doing with this woman, so this just shows the world that scar is gorgeous but it should all men that their wives are just as gorgeous maybe better, i am being generous a little but not much, and i know my wife can do better that is why i treat like a goddess because woman fall in love with sense of humor’s, and confidence and eyes, men however, don’t for the most part, but i am positive that scar is upset about these photos because most of us have wives that are just as fit, and who naked stripped down natural beauty is just as sexy. so this reveals that scar is no goddess. no doubt gorgeous and worthy of title of sexiest woman alive in Hollywood, because i know one of your wives looks better than she in these pictures. anyway my opinion and who claimed they were ryan Reynolds is an asshole. i doubt he would respond. or even be on this website,

  • andrew

    look, she is beautiful! she is human and an angel.Leave her alone and let her be happy.I love her to, but just because i can never be with her does not mean i will hate on that which i can not have! SO GROW UP! Let her be herself

  • John

    Yea ok YouTube link maybe that’s why I am here