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Britney Spears Panty Flash of the Day

I think I’m getting old. I drank my face off on Friday and couldnt get out of bed until this afternoon. It was like something died inside me and that something was my liver…and unlike Britney Spears, who is also getting old, I was unable to bring it like I did in my 20s, back when panty flashes from celebs were semi-exciting, because you knew it wasn’t intentional, or more importantly cuz they weren’t wearing underwear….and it’s all become quite played the fuck out hasn’t it…Wish this had more labia….

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  • ExpletiveBMP

    Wish your fucking picture had smell-o-vision Hayzeus; does her cunny smell of lettuce and tuna, or bilge water and dog shit? Not saying it’s bad either way because I think all smells from cunts should be cataloged, and perserved so when you’re lonely, you could just smell a cunt vial fluid, and remember that time when. First girl I get to fuck, I’m demanding she rubs her cunt proper with seran wrap so I could keep the smell.

  • Britney is the Best!!!!

    The reason I like Britney Spears more than Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga is because she’s less affected. She has no “mysterious” persona. (Madonna is a huge fake, and Katy Perry is just a prop that sings whatever the Corporate Rock people give her) Of all of them, you can actually google Britney Spears unshaved vagina and see it (scar included) and seeing someone’s pussy is really the most you can ask for in a female rock star.

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    I’ve got this disease and the only cure is MORE LABIA!