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Taryn Manning’s Hard Face Doesn’t Like Me Very Much of the Day

I’ve been facebook friends with Taryn Manning for a while. She deletes me every once in a while because she doesn’t like my comments…and yesterday…she went so far as to tell me off on her facebook wall…

I was going to fight back, like I would have in the old days, back before I totally alienated myself from every single celebrity who I probaby could have played in a lot smarter if I knew celebrities weren’t such fucking pussies…but why bother…who cares about this virtual no name, why rip into her, cuz all she’s gonna do is block me…when I’d rather annoy her some more before she blocks me…when ultimately, I know I’m going to get blocked…it is just a matter of when…

Here are the pics of her at some charity DJ event – cuz she hasn’t got wind that being a 40 year old DJ who was once in movies is pretty fucking low level…if not pathetic…

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  • Venom

    I love Taryn Manning, I still think she is sexy as hell.
    I would bang her anytime.
    I mean that respectfully 🙂

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    ^^ You can have her. Taryn Man-face looks like a beat up stripper who couldn’t hack it and crossed over into turning tricks cuz dudes got wise that her stanky pussy was leaving a tell-tale smell on their fingers when they stuffed dollar bills into her g-string and getting them busted by their wives. I’ll take pictures for you the next time I see her performing the “double dildo show” at another bachelor party.

  • Twitch

    Ditto on pounding taryn, but that whole exchange with her is fuckin hilarious

  • jnb903

    this is what we need for a president

  • Venom

    O.D. everything you just said is exactly why I would want to bang her senseless.
    Who does not love banging a skanky stripper?

  • Bob Smith

    I have to laugh that she tweets like she’s a wigger.