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Kate Bosworth Lingerie Dog Walker of the Day

Here’s Kate Bosworth all skinny and amazing…but more importantly…let’s hope inspiring…because teenage girls just aren’t into eating disorders like they used to be…at least I don’t think they are…based strictly on living near a school and seeing how fat the bitches are as they eat their pastries from our coffee shop every fucking day….It’s like they’ve lost the icons and idols who actually helped them better themselves with unrealistic expectations…because trying to look fuckable and hot…is usually a lot better than accepting your disgusting body and runnin’ with it and by running I mean to the dessert cart at the buffet…if you knwow hat I mean…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I like that shes not turning into another fat american as she gets older but her face is starting to look like kate hudsons after she starting having work done.