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Fergie Sex Doll of the Day

Here’s some pictures of Fergie posing with some ridiculous wax figure of herself…and it amazes me how excited she is about this, I mean if I saw a wax figure of myself…I’d feel like a fucking asshole standing next to it…but that may be cuz people would be pointing and laughing at the quantity of wax used….

The only thing hot about this is that it could double as a sex toy and Fergie could fuck herself with her wax self’s arm….and I haven’t figured out if they mold the genitals on these wax figures they make for what’s gotta be the dumbest tourist attraction ever….but it is nothing a lighter won’t fix…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    To make it real someone should slip a meth pipe in its hand.

  • supanuts

    It needs pissy pants to make it more realistic …

  • Bob Smith

    She has a square ass, so she shouldn’t wear tight pants. Once you hit 30, you should never wear clothes this tight, as Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated only too much.

  • bo