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Kayley Cuoco Cleavage Covergirl of the Day

Kayley Cuoco is the girl I like to blame for John Ritter’s death, only because I know that hanging out with slutty 18 year old girls who pretend they are your 16 year old daughter, is some of the hottest shit ever that leads to a lot of jerking off, choking yourself out, trying to bust nut heavy in between takes to make your erection subside…but I could be wrong, maybe it was just all the coke in the 70s…and really who cares about John Ritter right now, cuz it’s all about Kayley Cuoco’s hustle since that show, now on another show, rockin’ the cover of magazines, and finally rockin’ a set of tits, cuz I guess she’s hit puberty, or maybe she’s just on the pill, and maybe you should just look at the pics..and forgot I ever posted anything – shouldn’t be so hard..

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  • cowbulls

    This woman is the luckiest woman in Hollywood. I hope she had to give up all three holes for that part she plays on Big Bang Theory.

  • Venom

    Seriously she has marginal talent and marginal looks and somehow made it onto 2 hits shows.

    Luckiest person ever in Hollywood.