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Kirsten Dunst Hot Tits in Melancholia of the Day

I posted the sceenshots of this Kirsten Dunst topless scene in some random movie called Melancholia that I know nothing about because I just don’t care…but assume it is already on DVD .or wherever it is you download your movies from illegally because I posted the sceenshots months ago…..and what really matters is that Kirsten Dunst, all skinny and washed up and haggard and shit, has amazing tits and I think we should all take a minute to take them in and remember why we liked Kirsten Dunst before we all turned on her for not showering….even if you’ve already jerked off to this movie..

This just in..I just googled it and it only hits theaters November 11…so this is some first mover shit…with great tits…I am investigative journalism….

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  • LolleyGagger

    Yup this girl has always had some nice heavy hangers. Nice to finally see them in action as her last movie where she showed them was pretty much static shot of them, really gotta see these babies in movement.

  • LetsDance

    Wow. Fantastic.

  • rp1

    yeah i will buy anything with her in it topless. Superb actress and FANTASTIC tits. I would leave a deposit in her just because it would be great. 🙂

  • In_Mileys_Noonerhole

    “I’m not a whina
    But boobies alone won’t do
    Show us that gina”

  • Danplapp

    I’d love to bang one out wither if she gained a little weight