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Hilary Duff Gets Flowers from the Paparazzi of the Day

The paparazzi are such considerate scum….

You know digging through a celebs trash, hiding in trees, chasing Princess Diana down tunnels so that she dies, all while being on celebrity payroll, getting leads and exclusives to capture to release the pictures of these idiots to the media at inflated prices, I’m talking seriously inflated prices…

The whole thing is almost ridiculous….but when you see one of them giving Hilary Duff some flowers for her birthday, it makes the whole experience so human…because it’s not just a gesture of thanks for makin them a lot of money, or a gesture of kindness that will lead to getting them on her payroll as her exclusive paparazzi, and it’s not set up for personal gain in anyway, it’s just telling a bitch “Happy Birthday”….and I’m really just interested in her uterus filled with fetus ass. Cuz that’s what I’m here for….

The whole paparazzi thing, despite posting paparazzi pictures all day, amazes me….why do people care about these cunts…it makes no sense.

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    Who the fuck is Hillary Duff?