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Vanessa Pudgens Ass in Tight Pants on a Bike of the Day

I’ve been making fun of Vanessa Hudgens the last couple months because she cut off her hair and got fat, cuz she probably made a million dollars to do that, thanks to being an actor but shit still made her look like a dyke, which tied in nicely with the self shot pics of her naked and making out with a chick that sue threated to press charges against me for posting cuz she was 17, when I just think it was poorly planned cuz of her 5 o’clock shadow bush, even though I love bush, but the rest of the world doesn’t, which is unfortunate for her cuz being a little monkey means naturally being hairy….

But the truth is, I find Vanessa Hudgens kinda hot…maybe cuz I know she’s slutty thnaks to disney execs and a contract boyfriend who was gay leaving her with a tingly pussy dying to get fucked leading to self shot nudes..or maybe it’s cuz in yoga pants, pudgy or not, her ass looks fun to eat.

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