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Ashley Tisdale Gym Clothes of the Day

I always hate on Ashley Tisdale for her ugly face that she’s tried to modify with plastic surgery cuz she also hated on her ugly face….and that in itself is funny, cuz insecure girls who put themselves out there, usually put out…

But the truth is that, I appreciate that she recognizes her flaws, and makes up for it with constant working out, giving her this tight little body, cuz body is what you fuck, so when the rest of her gets old and haggard, faces don’t matter as much as a tight little ass….

Making me wish she was in on the self shot nudes with Vanessa Hudgens…cuz I’m tired of not seeing celebs naked, shit’s getting stagnant and bottom feeders don’t seem to bottom feed anymore – and that sucks.

Here’s some more boring pics…seems to be the foundation of this fuckign site…

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  • Pervofthecentury

    I wish this slut would just put out the fucking sex tape already.

    She can’t act, dance or sing worth shit anyway.

  • die cunt!

    seriously, just start cutting and pasting your posts at this point. I doubt anyone would know the difference.

  • die cunt!

    Way to phone it in with this one.

    just start cutting and pasting your text from old posts. I doubt anyone would notice at this point. It’s only the 47th time in the last 3 months that you’ve done a post about her going to the gym..

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    There is something seriously wrong with this bitch’s ugly nose. Why the fuck doesn’t she get it fixed like every other Hollywood idiot?