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Britney Spears Droopy Vagina in Concert of the Day

It amazes me that people go nuts over a panty flash of a gitl getting out of a car, or sitting at the table and you get a glimpse, and when a bitch like Britney intentionally flashes her panties, all stretched out from constant performances, or maybe that’s just her vagina that’s stretched out from constant uterus performances, no one bothers giving a fuck, and that’s just not fair, Britney’s handlers are using her as a puppet for you, crafting her into something that makes them money, but brings you joy via half nakedness, when really all we wanted to see was her self destruct, because I know the day I saw her shave her head down in public, that it was just a mater of time before she was pulling pussy puppet shows like the crazy street whore I once knew….and loved bringing to parties….instead she’s just medicated and boring….half naked or not. Enjoy.

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  • Unruly

    Two words you never want to hear together.

    Droopy and vagina.

  • I don’t even want to know what type of Britney goo would cover my arm if I stuck my arm up there. Now what I wanna see is bald Britney puppeteering “new” Britney. That would be some sweet ass shit seeing Brityey crotched on bald Britney.

  • Joe

    Shit –She looks like thse stuffed casings of Kielbasa the Polish butchers hang in the window over in Greenpoint. –only with a blond wig.
    Is Haloween coming up this fast ?

  • Droopy

    Its called roastbeef

  • DWking

    This no talent hillbilly skank made tens of millions of dollars selling cd’s and concert tickets in your country so who’s the idiot.Call her anything you want folks.Do you think she really gives a shit !!

  • plueeez

    “…in your country…”? As if your country doesn’t also buy her tickets? How’s the view from up in your tower?