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Vanessa Hudgens In Some Short Shorts Showing Off Leg of the Day

I can’t do an ASHLEY TISDALE and leave out her better half….because I have this plan to make High School musical better, it’s just got a series surgeries that involve grafting Hudgens head on Tisdale’s body, like I want to graft a condom on my penis so that I never have to get in a nasty bitch unprotected again, even though I fucking hate condoms and think they are built for pussies who shouldn’t be fucking in the first place, in a can’t handle the head, get out of the kitchen you scared of unwanted pregnancy, AIDS, or other STIs cunt, but because I think it’d be a good party trick….

I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m distracted by Hudgens’ vagina, 2 sizes too small shorts, because I now the furry little squirrel of a vagina hiding under there, I saw it when it was allegedly 17, even though I think that was just strategy to get sites to take the shit down, a strategy that was actually way more erotic than the pics themselves….

So here’s Pudgens, making efforts…

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  • die cunt!

    Is this god dam place on auto pilot? it’s the same fucking thing here every god dam day.