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Elizabeth Hurley For Breast Cancer Picture of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley For Breast Cancer Picture of the Day

Here’s a classy, amazing, hilarious picture of who I’m guessing is Liz Hurley’s cheating boyfriend grabbing his cock and sticking out his tongue at her during some Breast Cancer Month event she was lending her great breasts to either mock breast cancer, or possibly to challenge breast cancer by hanging this carrot in front of its eyes, like I sometimes do with peanut butter and my dog….or humiliate breast cancer survivors with great natural tits they’ll never have but once had before cancer ruined them…..even the implants covered by their medical insurance can never compare….

Either way, hot old lady. Funny Pic…

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  • Pervofthecentury

    Breast cancer! LOL!

  • Hixy

    Just to help you out. The boyfriend is Shane Warne. He is a retired cricket champion from Australia. Once held the record for the most test wickets taken by a bowler – that was surpassed recently by some elephant jockey.

    Shane and Liz recently announced their engagement.