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Some Katie Holmes Tight Pants with her Handler of the Day

Katie Holmes was a good drone and went to visit her stage boyfriend Tom Cruise because he ordered her to. She luckily wore tight pants, because despite selling her soul to the devil that is scientology, and ore importantly to one of scientology’s human representative, she’s still got a little sex appeal…sex appeal Tom Cruise probably doesn’t see as he stands awkwardly next to her…because the first rule behind being a Scientologist is being gay.

Here are the pics of this hip grabbin’ as you fake laugh as your wife puts in her contractual obligated time for good times.

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  • Los Angeles Resident

    I don’t think a lot of people realize that Katie Holmes is five feet ten inches.
    When you see her in person, you’re surprised by her height!

  • roscoe

    little TommyC has his ladder boots on!

  • cowbulls

    The next guy that gets into her pants is going to have a great time. i bet she is almost back to having virginal tight holes because little Tommy sure didn’t do much to her.