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Anna Kournikova Women’s Health Erotica of the Day

I feel like I should do some more public service with the site, you know use my internet celebrity of one reader by giving you guys some step by step directions to get abs even if these exercises dont have a chance against your fat ass, but at least they can double as jerk off material…pretty much the basis of all exercise DVDs, shows, programs in schools, cuz if you can’t join them, you might as well jerk off to their spandex…..

Anna Kournikova, for some reason I don’t think Enrique has anything to do with, is still considered some seriosuly hot pussy with a huge fan baseand since she was the first big post on this site, wearing a yellow bikini, back in 2005, I figure we should celebrate her athlete pussy with these pictures….

Here’s the workout squat and twist feel it burn erotica…while you sit on your fat ass and wonder why you can’t get fit pussy…loser…

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