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Nicole Richie’s Possible Implants of the Day

I am not into Nicole Richie in any fucking way. I actually think she’s a total waste of space and I really make an effort to not put her pictures on the site. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the one night I was forced into hanging out with her, back in the DJ AM days, she was a snobby little cunt who wouldn’t talk to people who were talking to her because she couldn’t be bothered, luckily being saved by the free booze that distracted me from wanting to spit in her face, I’m A-D-D like that…but I think it’s got more to do with her being adopted. I figure anyone who have parents who don’t want them, you know their actual parents don’t want them, then how could anyone else….kinda thing that leads these adopted kids into addiction…

That said, she coulda saved DJ AM but instead here she is mom of 2, boring and dressed like Michael Jackson, her godfather, riding her fake dad’s trust fund he set up for her and possibly showing off some fake tits…and who fucking cares….I guess I do enough to post it…that depresses me.

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