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Carmen Electra Old TImer in a Leather Skirt of the Day

Carmen Electra is pushing 40 but more importantly is pushing boring. It’s just not quite the same as staring at her in the 90s at her peak of fame. It’s like she had her moment of glory, her time to shine, and seeing her now, is not one of those “For Old Times Sake” but is more “Old Timer”…there’s so much hotter young pussy we should focus on, let’s think of this as the unofficial Carmen Electra Sexuality Obituary….

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  • cowbulls

    She became useless the day she let Dennis Rodman get into her pants. There’s no telling what kind of crap she caught from that screwball. That also showed that she was too stupid to do anything but spread her legs.

  • The words say she’s past her prime, but the pictures say otherwise.