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Taylor Momsen Panty Flash in Concert of the Day

Now that she’s 18, no one gives a fuck about her erotic performances. I saw that shit coming a mile away, cuz no one ever cares about these sluts being slutty when they turn 18 and if she was really a slut, she wouldn’t be wearing panties in concert, she’d be labia out and ready to party, but instead it is all a bullshit lie, an act that I hope backfires cuz when things backfire, good things come….like sex tapes…but for now, she thinks she’s living the dream by imitating 70s rocker cuz she’s been in Hollywood all her life and has no identity…or originality…but she does have panty flashes and sometimes that’s all I need.

Here are some of her concert videos….from the Paladium October 11….if you like seeing her in motion…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Taylor has all the stripper moves down. Its just like going to a strip club and watching some other rock girl dance to her song.

  • huhwhat?

    You can only imagine how nasty this talentless cunt’s snatch would be, I cannot believe that this fucking horrible bitch still thinks she is sexy after she was seen at a concert with a tampon hanging out and that she doesn’t wash music, also her “band” and “music” is fucking shithouse.

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