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Rachel Bilson is Boring as Shit of the Day

That’s not to say that shit is boring…in fact a lot of times it is highly exciting…not knowing whether it will be loose, wet, or even painful….blood streaked or smooth sailing….burning or seamless….it is just an expression to represent how much this bitch sucks at turning me on…in fact…it angers me in a huge way when these entitled cunts walk around not flashing their tits and ass like they are respectable human beings and not the whores to the media and to the public and to the execs that they are….they are just well paid, further proof that a lot goes on behind the scenes that we deserve a piece of since we’re the fucking audience….this kind of mormon, religious outfit doesn’t fucking cut it for me…I’m gonna take my male attention to a sluttier celeb….and until Bilson does her part in her career for the people…she’s dead to me.

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