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Homeless Dude Blames Jennifer Aniston for his Homlessness of the Day

I have something in common with this homeless dude other than our finances….we both blame Jennifer Aniston for all that is wrong in the world….even if she’s not directly involved in all that is wrong in the world…because she’s clearly the fucking devil…otherwise someone would have knocked her up by now…but instead they run when they realize there’s more to her than a tight body and a set of fucking tits….used to hypnotize us and divert us from the fact that she’s just out for herself, self involved, high maintenance cunt…at least that’s what I’m assuming..

I have no idea what bitch did to this dude, but I hope it ends in stalking, maybe even some revenge that leads to her naked pictures/videos or even her abduction cuz not enough celebs get abducted….

Here are some pictures of Jennifer Aniston Ruining the world with her tight old body and titties I want to suck at some Elle Women in Hollywood bullshit….

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