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Amanda Seyfried Spandex Short Dog Walker of the Day

Everything is amazing about Amanda Seyfried….even when she’s boring I still want to lock her in my basement and whisper sweet nothings in her ear as I stroke her hair and tell her I’ll never let her go…not to sound creepy or anything…she’s just got a spell on me and that’s my argument for court…she made me do it by seducing me via movie roles she got naked in and paparazzi picture I could tell she was staging for me……not to sound creepy or anything…

She has got it going on…on all levels…looks. career, body, tits, the fact that she gets naked for money…..and she’s even better when she drops the dumpy, sloppy, unshowered (even though I’d love to give her a sponge bath with my tongue) look…..and throws her hot little twat into some fucking spandex….

She’s good.

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