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Amanda Seyfried is the New Lohan….Only She’s Always Rockin’ of the Day

In the event you didn’t know…I think Amanda Seyfried is fantastic….I don’t dislike anything about her…and that may mean I am in one-sided love…cuz I usually hate everything….

You may not have read my post yesterday, but a few years ago, when Seyfried was coming up, I hit up Lohan, and Lohan was raging on the girl….they had worked together, and I guess Lohan wanted to snuff her out…or some shit…saying she was a bitch or something…I don’t rememebr I changed phones….

But assuming Lohan is right and Seyfried is a bitch, not only for stealing her jobs, her attention, her position as the Disney girl with a serious side of her career that she gets naked for…like in IN CHLOE and IN BIG LOVE …..These are pictures of Amanda Seyfried showing Lohan up yet again…this time when it comes to her teeth and the fact they aren’t crack/bong/whatever stained….

I gotta make some Team Seyfried shirts in this rivalry no one else is aware of and that no one else will pay attention to – cuz this site doesn’t matter….so here are some pics of who I consider our new Lohan…

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  • Lie to us

    lets be honest…you are pushing this bitch cause this is the bitch that hollywood has decided is going to be the next big “IT” girl….They have ramped up the marketing of this pig BIG TIME, and you are completely onboard and happy to cash in on it…. Putting Lohans name in the same post as this girl is metadata GOLD!… hits hits hits… just calling it like it is. Also, there has been a SEVERE lack of tits here as of late…fix that.