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Katie Holmes Looking Hot at an Event of the Day

I am going to pretend I don’t know what event these pictures were taken at, because I think Jack and Jill is such a horrible fucking concept of a movie, like a mockery to the movie industry and the careers of anyone involved, that I think it is better to just pretend it doesn’t exist and never happened…and Katie Holmes hotness is making that easy….

Sure, she may be a prisoner to the alien gods we all know exist, but don’t want to admit, I mean the concept of DNA code, like we’re fucking computers, is proof enough if you ask me, but she’s still pretty fucking lovely to me…I mean she’s the kind of person I’m okay with being our representative to the higher gods, you know using her vagina for experiments do keep them satisfied and at bay….cuz I’m not ready for a world takeover and massive death and destruction, even if I know we are doomed and know that it is coming….I just haven’t mastered my hand to hand combat yet…

Not that it matters….She’s hot in pink and I like looking at her tit, like this was before she found Alien gods, and got naked in movies to redefine herself from the Dawson’s creek bullshit….before redefining herself as a weirdo wife and mother committed to an even bigger weirdo…here are the pics…of some alien hotness….

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  • LolleyGagger

    The thing about this chick one minute she looks doable the next light she’s fugly.
    Good thing I fuck with the lights out so they aren’t disgusted by me either.

  • Bob Smith

    Can someone please ask her if Tom has ever fucked her? If she’s ever seen him with a hard-on when he’s around women?

  • aria

    horrible outfit, look at those shoes…

  • fran

    no bob, since tom is gay and probably also a paedo.