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Coco Does Lunch with her Dog of the Day

I don’t think anyone needs further proof that Coco is not hot…but for some reason…I call getting naked, slutting out, making a joke of herself like a circus clown with a circus body shape….is interesting to us….but looking at her clothed is like when the lights at the strip club turn on, when the black light of half nakedness can’t hide the true haggard nature of what you just paid good money to….and even cleavage can’t carry this outfit into a place of sex appeal….it just further reminds us that she’s not all that, she’s dumpy, she short, she’s trashy, she’s weird looking, and to let the black celebrity with a weird stripper fetish keep her…ideally for himself because I am as tired of her as her poor dog I am sure she makes lick peanut butter off her twat…cuz she’s just that kind of girl….

That said….Here’s an Ice T and Eazy E battle – Cuz Eazy E died of AIDS and that may explain why Ice Likes this tranny looking bitch….memories of gay in the 90s….

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