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Hilary Duff Pregnancy Watch of the Day

I have decided to watch this Hilary Duff Uterus Stuff with erection in hand until the baby crawls out of her…because the idea of her having unprotected sex and that unprotected sex growing into new life to add to her already fairy tail billionaire life….turns me on…only because she’s always wearing tight pants, her tits are swelling, her ass is rounder, and her shoulders look less like a dude at hockey pracitice, and more like a fucking woman….I write her on TWITTER and she ignores me….but that doesn’t make me ignore the fact that I’d love to crawl inside her and hang out in her uterus with my tongue….here are some pics of her doing nothing particularly special…unless you’re like me and the broadcasting of being a slut who takes it raw and likes being cummed inside is something special..

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