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Natalie Portman Jogging Mom of the Day

Here are some pictures of Natalie Portman and her gay Ballerina husband / baby daddy who got her pregnant, because like all the gay dudes I know, knows that being a Ballerina doesn’t pay the bills, unless working the stripclub, and that if it means sticking it to gay friendly celebrity pussy in a way that makes it stick, the good life is ahead of him…all luxury apartment, designer clothes and the good life, where he can sneak gay sex behind her back while she saves face to the media….I mean her pussy is likely better than that anal wart filled anus he encountered one night at a gay sauna on too many poppers….I mean assuming all Ballerina’s are gay obviously….

They are jogging off the baby fat, cuz no one likes fat chicks, especiallly in Hollywood, except the director of Precious, or maybe Roseanne, Rosie and Oprah…. but you get what I’m saying and that is that these pics would be hotter if it was more naked and more of a sex scene…that’s the element of relationships I like best.

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  • roscoe

    She forgot her matching hat. Also she’s an overrated dog.