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Natalie Portman Ass in Jeans for her Virgins Fans of the Day

I have met Natalie Portman fans and they are really fucking weird, collectors who prefer to be called loyal, often times they are Jewish, because she is Jewish, from Israel, her real name is “HERSHLAG” which sounds like code for a slumpy vagina….. Good looking, so held in high esteem in the community of guys who constantly date non jewish girls, until they decide to marry and start a family having no choice but to marry a Jewish girl….leaving her the beacon of hope that one day they’ll get a Herschlag of their own…..

Often times….they are also virgin, sci-fi, star wars types who haven’t left their basement computer rooms since black swan was released and she tainted herself with not that AIDS CULKIN FUCKER MILA KUNIS…also a jewish girl who is a beacon of hope to Jewish guys everywhere, when they forget about the whole AIDS sex with Culkin…..but also with a kid that raped her uterus….

So these are some pics of her post-baby body walking in jeans….for those who still care about her….which I assume is every single one of her fans cuz they have a hard time letting go of things…it’s part of their ASPERGERS…..

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  • roscoe

    Looks like it would appeal to an assistant coach at Penn State.